The easiest way to connect
with your investors

Your funds performance table at a glance

Just copy and paste the table in your site, we do the rest.

It is not an iframe. Our website widget is built to be part of your website.
We load the fund performance right from our funds manager tool. You update one place, we replicate everywhere.

The CMS every asset manager needs

Every information in one place
Keep every information about your fund description and characteristics save in one place.
Website always updated
When you update any information into our CMS, we update in your website. No more code needed.
Quota and AUM history
You provide your AUM and quota evolution and we calculate and provide the public information to your shareholders.

We take care
of your e-mails

Daily performance updates, monthly reports, institutional communication. It doesn't matter, we take care for you.

Great deliverability, lightning fast. Your reports are not treated as marketing campaigns.
Bounces, deliveries, openings, clicks. If someone blinks, we are going to let you know.
We tweet to your followers when your performance table is updated or a report is published.
It is an example button. Try it out.

The subscription form that just works

Place the subscription button whenever you would like.

Your subscribers can choose what they want to receive.
Manage your daily and monthly subscribers in separated lists.

A tool to grow with it

Everything is served with APIs so you can customize, integrate and automate within your own applications.

Accessible monthly reports

List of search, we provider the format that best suits your website.

Smart button that links to your last published report you can place anywhere.
It is not an iframe, it renders directly in your site webpage.

Pricing that follows your e-mails base



R$ 270



R$ 555



R$ 1.110

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